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im down whn it cums 2 my angel sisters, just let me know.

Replied To: Treys Angel Reunion (Forum topic)
On: Jun 27, 2011

official angel:rideordie angel
facebook:shannon "ladytreyangel" harris
twitter: @angel4tan

On: Jun 26, 2011

just became a member. i luv it.

On: Jun 18, 2011

im so glad hope that you put this up bcus now i dnt have 2 feel like im losing my mind cus im not the only 1 who feels this way. its funny 2 luv sum1 that is not here physically everyday or you can just call. that just lets me know that god has truly blessed trey. hearing his name or voice makes my heart skip a beat and i get giggly like a lil kid. thank you 4 makeing me feel normal. i truly do luv trey.

On: Jun 18, 2011

im acually pretty tired of seeing #teamsongz & #teambreezy go @ each other. trey & chris both have great talents and it doesnt make since 2 keep going @ each other. no1 said we cudnt support both artist. im not #teambreezy but i do like chris. this madness must stop & we just need 2 chill cus we rep trey & his brand.

Replied To: #teamSONGZ vs #teamBREEZY (Forum topic)
On: Jun 18, 2011
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Lady Tremaine
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Im thankful 2 continue on this journey w/ trey as his ride or die angel. He has come so far & im very proud of him. I pray god continues 2 bless & kp him as well his family, friends & all his endeavors. Im proud 2 rep him along w/ all his angels.
college park
listening 2 music and reading
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trey songz, 2pac, aaliyah, whitney houston, tank, neyo, shirley ceasar, kirk franklin
United States
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Lovefaces 2011 chicago
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