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I can't wait for this movie to come out!! omg ima b screaming and login seein Trey's face all at the same time :-)

Replied To: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D [Trailer] (Blog)
On: Sep 15, 2012

this nigga Kevin Hart is fuckin retarded lol....Trey & Kevin together has got to b the most funny thing eva with they silly asses lol

On: Aug 17, 2012

I love that hat Trey....o wait thats right I have 1 too thats y lol.

On: Aug 17, 2012

dude was gone!! i love the fact that he love Trey that much to run all the way from the hotel & i love trey for bein a great sport bout takin the picture for with the guy....TREY LOVE HIS FANS & WE LOVE YOU TOO BABY

Replied To: Chapter V Europe Promo Part II (Blog)
On: Jun 08, 2012
Replied To: SAFARI TREY (Video)
On: Feb 18, 2012
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I'm a music lover...bad dayz dnt stay around to long as long as I can listen to Trey:-)...I'm a laid bac girl not n2 drama so if its not gon help me n life I dnt need it. Successful is ma middle name & I dedicate ma life to livin up to it!! I love Trey's music, I love Trigga's Swag, & I love Tremaine's loving heart. I became Trey's Angel in July 2011 & I met Trey Songz on 9/11/11 at 8:08pm in LAX Best Day of My Life...Thank You Trey!!
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