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I feel u @ NYHUNNY4L and alot of ya'll hit good points lol but COOGIdown lol you too crazy thatz just too much riiiite.... and did ya'll see that girl on twitter who got his autograph tatted on her? it was cute but at the same time scary...

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On: Aug 07, 2009

If I was to randomly meet him I would want it to be at the beach. I am alwayz at the beach jogging or just chilling. So I imagine he would just pretty much see me running and stop me as i pass by and then we could walk and talk. He would laugh at me bcuz i would mostlikey have him playing on my ipod at that moment and then we would grab a bite to eat b4 we continue our busy schedules.

On: Jul 29, 2009

We'd go out to eat and chill and talk about friends family and the industry and how they don't really mix well. We'd laugh and joke and forget we were living in different parts of the world. Joke around and write a lil song together, and then after it was all over he'd never forget my name. And he would think about me from time to time.

On: Jul 26, 2009

Where iz all the fanz that go ham?????

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On: Jul 26, 2009


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On: Jul 25, 2009
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I love that song Just the way you are. Its my favorite song right now. I met Bruno Mars In LA at the House of Blues with Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B.