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You beat me! lol i was gonna start this topic. it will most likely still be recycled by someone... but anywayz I love the hell out of ON TOP that song stay on repeat... and SCRATCHIN ME UP iz super hot. I would have definately paid for that if he released it as an album instead of a mixtape! TREY LOVES HIS FANZ!!!!!!!!!!

Replied To: ANTICIPATION!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009

thatz stoopid sick!!!! happy b-day in advance

Replied To: TREY WAS THINKIN BOUT ME (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009

Lol u rite at yoShortness we all laugh at our selfs when we get older too. but i also didn't want no one else to have a s/n like mine... MsMerry13 i dnt think celebs are as flatter'd when they become more than fanaticz they gotta play it safe lol. but i feel u

Replied To: I think its pretty Funny (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009 crazy thing is if all of trey fanz followed each other we'd all have about as many followers as him lol. thats too many ppl to be following but the concept is super nice. I'm gonna follow trey fanz tho... sum of ya'll. Return the love!

Replied To: Twitter much? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009
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I love that song Just the way you are. Its my favorite song right now. I met Bruno Mars In LA at the House of Blues with Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B.