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Im not the realest female alive but I am a real female whose out here trying to become somebody and be the best in whatever I do. Its so easy to do wrong in the world when there so much maliciousness in the world but there's so many reason to do right and that's the path I stay on.I am a true believer in what I feel is right and when I support something I support hard. Trey Songz and his movements are some of the few things I support. My journey has just begun and Im destined for greatness wether you believe in me or not.. I gotta Make It . <3 FOllOW ME @NexxaDenise
Twirling is My Passion Trey Songz is my passion Learning and growing from my past is my passion I love volunteering and giving back what was once given to me, its only fair.
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Birthday May 1st!
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