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Did you send an email directly to the TreySongz Store? If you go to, scroll to the bottom, under customer care, click "contact us" and tell them what happened. If you didn't get a confirmation page it means your order didn't go through. The same thing happened to me. You can try emptying your cookies and trying to make your purchase again or using paypal to pay.

On: Aug 18, 2012

I'm inchea on Thursday! Chitown heaux

On: Aug 13, 2012

1. Why is your YouTube account setup so that we can't view the videos on mobile devices? 2. Do you remember you owe the Angels a response video to our "Why I'm an Angel" video? Lol 3. We know you have the clothing line in Citi Trends but will we be getting new Angel wear/merchandise on the site, for fan club members only? 4. What is something you've come to learn about yourself, like as far as how you react to certain things or situations, for example? 5. Biggest pet peeve? 

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On: Jul 04, 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Heart Attack! It's a song a lot of people can relate to, production is amazing, Trey's voice sounds like it matured, def something different from Trey but still true to Trey. The record has a very nice vibe, not too slow or fast and very nice lyrics. The vocal arrangement is very nice, really like his ablibs, the harmonies and the speaking section. Trey sounds amazing and I really think this single will top the charts for as long as/longer than Can't Be Friends. "We don't care cause we're so in too deep, can't think about giving it up" and "All the times when I know I should be smiling seem to be the time that I frown the most" are my favorite lines. Very nice song, can't wait for the video and to see it performed live and for what the rest of Chapter V will entail

On: Mar 26, 2012

Love the updates to the site! Hoping for another property of Songz Hoodie, or hoodie of some type in the store. I also think a pajama set would be nice, like a flannel one,pants & t-shirt set. Also, we would really like some new, official Trey's Angels merchandise. If we could get the Angel shirt with a red, purple and blue angel logo on it, like the pink one, that would be nice. Also, can you guys make it so that we can view the videos on Trey's official YouTube page on mobile devices. The videos would get a lot more views if we could watch via our phones because most people don't use YouTube from their computer as much as they do their phones/iPods. Also, have you guys heard of It's a site that let's you request artists/songs on nearly every US radio station very easily, Trey would need to create a profile there though,but it's totally worth it, helps getting in a lot of requests much easier on us fans. Oh, Trey's YouTube profile page needs updating too, it's still talking about Ready being in stores & do you know if there's a reason why only some of Trey's tweets come to our phones? A lot of us subscribed to receive his tweets to our mobile devices, but majority of the tweets never get to our phones :/ ok, that's all I can think of at the moment, thanks for your time

On: Mar 25, 2012
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I love writing,reading,photography, watching movies, basketball (Bulls, Celtics, Rose, LBJ, KD), football (Bears, Colts, Peyton Manning is my fave!). I play the flute and sax, huge fan of music, I enjoy community service and being around kids, eating lol and of course being an Angel and STANing for Trey
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Obviously the Trey Songz Experience, as well as Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Count Basie Band, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Jackson 5, and Day 26, Tupac, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, TI, Lupe & J. Cole are my favorite rappers
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