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I'm sorry that your experince was like that, it's true there are some cliques and nasty Angels but it is a large group of women so sadly, there's bound to be drama. We are working on being more united, but some people just don't want to. However, there are a plethora of Angels, like myself, who welcome & embrace all and cherish the sisterhood. Don't let some bad ones taint your perspective of all the Angels, some of these ladies are now my best friends & I met them by becoming an Angel. If you're on Twitter, follow me @akaSymone and I'll introduce you to some people or add me on Facebook Symone C. Lawhorn

On: Mar 25, 2012

If you guys are having trouble logging into the site you might wanna try capitalizing the first letter of your email address. I had trouble numerous times with not being able to log into the Angel store and I found out that it was all because of a capitalizing error, I didn't know that mattered but I kept putting in "" and my password and it wouldn't let me log in and then one day I tried '" and it worked and I haven't had a problem since then

On: Mar 22, 2012
Replied To: Trey- Lounging Around (Blog)
On: Feb 17, 2012

What's your email address?

Replied To: WWMR Opportunity ()
On: Feb 01, 2012

You can go to there profile by clicking on there name and it will say Angel in the colum on the left hand side, there is also a symbol next to every comment they make and on there profile picture :)

Replied To: Treys Angels ()
On: Feb 01, 2012
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