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Layla 26051984


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On: Oct 03, 2011
On: Oct 03, 2011
On: Dec 10, 2010
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Layla 26/05/1984 ;)
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Seen Trey in my dreams before I seen him in Real Life!! Becoming to realize this shit now! Picture at Suede, being blocked, These Men are not letting me passed the bars, me and my friends only came across this picture on facebook, it was too funny!! I was like wait a minute that's what I was tryna tell yas, "that was like when they wouldnt let me passed" , then mi mate goes "fuck me Layla it is you" hahahaha well I was rolling with laughter! lol :) Peace out Dudes xxxx Ohh and not into the star sign horoscopes or nothing like that but it has come to my attention that my best match and who I klick wid is Sagittarius :)xxxx
United Kingdom