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Seasons Greetings Trey and Family,

Just added myself to the .com! I have a serious appreciation for you. I am a huge R and B fan ever since listening to my moms motown when I was little. Your sound is different and still it sings to my spirit. I loved when you were singing on the Ustream that was a treat for us the fans. My favorite song on the PPP album (BTW thank you for signing my CD) is Doorbell (good grief this is a hot one). I also enjoy Unusual, Don't treat u right, Alone, and Lipstick in the car. After I saw you I recommended the album to my co-workers including a white guy who likes "black" music. That was funny. I think he downloaded your album that day. Ur welcome:))

Trey I am curious about the Prince of R & B title. Being from Kellyland over in the Chi it is very hard to drive in his lane musically especially as an R & B artist. I think we know he is considered the King. Do you feel you are next in line to replace him? You were so candid and believe it or not me and my sister were discussing this very topic at the lunch table. How does one get these titles including King of R & B? Just wondering.

Thanks for truly being such a cool ass black man. as heaven too!!!
Love Leah

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On: Dec 24, 2010
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