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Leandrea Songzlover


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About Me: 
I love to help anyone as much as i can. God comes first so i have to thank him for letting me see another year. I love to hang out wit ppl who love me and will help me grow as a person as well as a lady in Christ im really a nice person =) i hate drama so i try my best to stay out of it . every blessing i get i use it for the good. God has blessed me soo much in my life tht words cant describe it ....there is much more to say but i guess thats for u to find out =) have a blessed n wonderful day =) #ilovetrey
When I'm not working,I love to play volleyball and play kings corner =). I love animals NO JOKE!!! If not those then a great workout to clear my head really makes me happy ; gets me on the right track.
Favorite Bands: 
Well I have a broad taste in bands and if I started to note them down it would be days later when I'm done =D. I am everywhere on the charts from my boo <=D Trey to Linkin Park all the way up to Tamela Mann. From friends and family that sing to the old school Tempations and Heatwave;where a Great friend of ours Johnnie Wilder Jr. was one of the singers. I love them all Opera, Acapella, Country ,etc. =)
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