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Replied To: Event Fab: Trey in Miami (Blog)
On: Jun 12, 2010
On: Jun 12, 2010
On: Jun 12, 2010

i would do both because being married without having a child is'nt happiness i would only say to my self why marry if there wont be a child so i would rather both but i would rather he concentrate on his career first.

On: Jun 06, 2010

trey i pray that you would continue to do what u do best and that God would continue to strengthen u and send his blessings upon u each and everyday from ur number one fan with luv.

On: Jun 06, 2010
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hi am from jamaica and iv'e just migrate to the us am 22yrs of age,i like singing,dancing,listening to music and reading in the future i would like to persue a career in nursing.