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Calm your nerves was the best advice ever! He was super sweet. Don't know how I managed even talking to his behind. With all the hugs and kisses I just wanted to melt... I'm ready for another one lol!

On: Dec 08, 2012

Show was insane!

On: Dec 08, 2012

Thanks! And yup 100 is right in the middle. My seats are closer to section 100 though. I'm super excited as I had the worse seats ever for is last tour! Please keep me posted of you hear where he may be hanging the night of. Would be great to attend an after party. My 30th bday is Dec 20 so I'm celebrating all month long =]

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On: Oct 19, 2012

The floor seats (sections 101, 100, 102) sold out pretty quick! That's why I just went ahead with the M&G tix. And those even sold out minutes after I purchased mine. This had to be around 9:20am The M&G option is still there but they seem to be sold out. They also have the Official Platinum seats available. A lil steep at $358 a pop, but its floor section row F.

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On: Oct 19, 2012

I'll be there! I got the M&G tix and I'm in Section 102 row C. They said the first 10 rows were reserved for the VIP ticket buyers. Wouldn't that mean those sections are floor seats?? Section 101 is still great seating. What row are you in?

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On: Oct 19, 2012
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