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wow, it's hard to put into words, but here i go: i fell in love with Trey's music before i ever watched a video. when i heard' Just Gotta Make It', i was in love on the spot. his voice was just so incredible. and then i saw him, and omg his smile just made my day. it was so crazy, he was on tv and i felt that smile thru the screen. i can have like the worst day ever, and i see Trey's smile, and life is all good again. his smile is so bright and genuine, u can tell he really is happy when he smiles, and i just love that.

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 02, 2010

wow, just one? hmm, ok. my number one favorite song is 'We Can't Be Friends'. i had tears in my eyes when i first heard that song. i really related to him on that. i had a friend once, and we ruined it by becoming intimate, and hell yes, it was so hard to lose him. that was ten years ago,and i still think about it sometimes.

On: Sep 02, 2010

ok ladies, it was just a comment. i'm not even mad at that, it is what it is. if and whenTrey is ready for love, it will happen for him. and i will be happy. maybe there are things Trey is looking for that he can't find in a fan. beseides, fans tend to get crazy on him, so who can blame him really? i still love him regardless, and i am so proud of all the success he has had, he truly deserves it.

On: Sep 02, 2010
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