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On: Feb 01, 2011
On: Dec 16, 2010
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On: Dec 14, 2010

im DEFF. going to see this conert this will be my 3rd time seeing trey!!!! i cant wait!!! so excited!!! @Lexy_TreysAngel I LOVE YOU TREY!!! big plans for this concert!!! soexcited to also see usher & miguel, this concert will be OMG amazing! love you trey & all the other angels ! (: (:

On: Nov 23, 2010
On: Nov 06, 2010
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Hey angels!! Im Alexis. I live in the DMV and im in love with Tremaine Aldon Neverson! Everything that Trey does is so moving for every young person in the world. Seeing how he inspires young woman&men contintue with what they love do to, is what i love about him. I literally listen to Passion, Pain, Pleasure everyday ( I swear i think im addicted to the songs) lol but i have met Trey once in clinton maryland for a cd signing. It was AMAZING. He called me baby which really had me happy :) haha. but i have also seen Trey when he was just jumping off his career at the Black Family Reunion, in Washington D.C.I also went to his PPP tour&OMG tour<3 It amazes me how much he has grown from his single "Cant help but wait" to his songs like "Made to Be Together" It amazes me how much Trey is so much apart of my life, even if he doesn't even know me.Whats crazy is how by him tweeting impacts so many Angels lives out in the world. Its amazing how much love an support Trey has!I @Lexy_TreysAngel
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