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I had my first child 3 months ago, her name is Zoe and she is a joy and blessing in my life she is my angel. Her father is not involved. Around my forth month of pregnancy he left. This message is a thank you to Trey. I know these do not go directly to him and the chances of him seeing this are slim but I had to put this out there. I am like many a fan of the music and have been since he started, but around my forth month of pregnancy I found myself respecting the man behind it. I learned a lot of hard lessons this year, Im 26 and I finally feel my age. Hurt and pain can do that. I came very close to closing my self off completely to love, at 26 this hopeless romantic was ready to close up shop, but when ever the hurt and depression began to overwhelm me I would take a drive and put in a Trey Songz cd, as I moved to the melody of one of his many love songs it felt good to hear a brotha say the things I have always hoped to hear said to me, and although these word were not directly for me I began to feel the pain lift from my heart. Before I knew it I was singing along and smiling from ear to ear. So up until my baby was born, you Mr. Songz were my Angel. Because of you I will keep this heart open, and proceed with caution until I find real love. You showed me what it looks like through your music and simply by being you. So god bless you Mr. Songz. as well as your mother it seems a black woman can produce and incredible man. There clearly are some good ones left.

A fan of a good black man

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On: Jan 12, 2011
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