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I know This may seem crazy but no!!!! everyone need to enjoy trey!!! parentz who allow there children to go must think they can handle the content,.... n the old women scream for him only make us look better lol!!!

On: Aug 26, 2010

I would most likely... touch my hair make sure itz right;) n dance around him!!! :) as my heart races!!! i'll embrace the moment as if it was a movie like save the last dance.. cuz i know i wood be one in a million who dream came true at that moment!!

On: Aug 26, 2010
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About Me: Class of 2010 :) I am a very intelligent, beautifull, single woman, who sets her goals very high! I believe all things can be do through God! I love my family and my life! SUCCESS is the KEY... AND I am in the hallway ...(i'm ready) to OPEN UP the DOOR to Happiness! I'm SAsHA...I'm live in Ellenwood,GA.. Going to school for nursing...I love Trey Songz! enough said... :) 404 we out chea :)