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Name 5 of the most memorable moments or milestones in your life up to this point where you just stopped & said "I'm a very blessed man"!

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On: Jul 02, 2012

Looking back from where you came from & how much you achieved so far in this music industry what advice/encouraging words would you give to an teen or adult whose trying to pursue their dreams not only in the industry but in other diverse areas?

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On: Jul 02, 2012

What other producers/artist that you would like to work with on your future albums? Is there anything that you might like to change on your present albums as far as the whole heartbreak,sexy & sensual,club hits!

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On: Jul 02, 2012
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Trey's HumbleAngel
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20yrs old|College Student|PreMed:Major|Public Relation:Minor|I've been a fan ever since I fell in love with his Trey Day album and I'm ready to be apart of this powerful and positive movement!!!
Port Saint Lucie
United States
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