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I have nothing to say yet! I just join! lol Trey follow me on twitter. @Love8402 lol
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To tell you the truth, I didn't even pay attention to that because I can't even remember seeing that to say one way or the other if that happened to me. But when I just checked my Angel's account and checked my payment history, it did say "Trey's Angels Fan Club Membership - 2010-2011" under product, but it says "9/14/2011 - 9/14/2012" under period. I'm hoping that's the period of time lol.

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heya i saw your message i didnt renew when i saw it was like that i was worried too

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oh ok @ His-LastTime i will be reading! lol

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i have also created a FORUM, but it not ONLY for fan FICTION, its for ENTERTAINMENT, as well

Check it out

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Hey fellow Angel! Can u please register and vote for me to win a dinner date with trey. Voting ends on 11/28. U can vote for me 1 x a day until then. Thanks alot :)

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The meet n greets were $350.00 but they included the concert ticket as well. The vips for this concert won't it will only be meet n greet so I am hoping they won't be as expensive.