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awh, I'm sure you will meet him some day and soon.

On: Feb 18, 2012

Tremaine awoke to his voice alert alarm clock.
He was wealthy, gorgeous, intelligent, and wise with money.
He was a great businessman so he made all the right decisions when it came to profit.
He knew how to play the game of life but the game of love he was a loser.
His mother said he was born with a gift and a curse. Getting women wasn’t a problem, not even staying faithful, keeping them was the big decision he could never seem to master, so he was regrettably single.
He was dating for fifteen years now. He will celebrate his 30th birthday on Friday and he planned to take two women to his party knowing they will have no issues about going to his bed afterwards together.
He was not considered a player because he was always honest with women but he definitely had a player’s resume.
Tremaine showered and ate breakfast made by Francesca, she was a Hispanic angel; his live in maid, cook, housekeeper, second grandmother, you name it, she was it.
He paid her very well, but she always seems to be worth more than he gave.
Simon was his bodyguard and personal driver, he stood six one, slightly muscular, a Taekwondo master, and one of Tremaine’s best friend.
“How did you rest sir?”
“Very well Simon, how’s the family?”
“Great, thank you for the vacation in Hawaii, the family truly enjoyed it.”
“Hay, thank you for protection for this past seven years, no one deserved it better than you.”

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On: Feb 17, 2012

“The weather is perfect for flight.”
Tremaine arrived at the airport to board his private jet to New York.
He was a special guest at a charity function. His new female artist Robyn was performing. Robyn was beautiful, smart, and could sing like a songbird.
She is seventeen but a conversation with the three languages speaking African American female made you think she was much older.
When she first premiered her album, he had to fight managers and high executives off her with a bat. She’s turning eighteen in two months and according to her contract, she would have more control of her meetings and that made him greatly uncomfortable.
The opening act was Mariah Carey. Awards were given and Robyn made her appearance singing her new single, “Loving You”.
She was incredible and made everyone speechless as always. He was on the way out the door, until she took the podium.
She was breathtaking. He traveled the world and had seen young and old; but none made him star struck; her name is Passion Newman.
Passion is a well known charity function coordinator. She picked only the most talented artists and made sure they were well paid for their time.
She was not a virgin but damn close to it. The last man that she was dating made the dreadful mistake to hit her publicly at a bar.
Unfortunately for him, her brother is a Naval Seal; he promptly broke his arm in half and he never used it again.

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On: Feb 17, 2012

Passion was five nine with a size six body with beautiful hazel green eyes to match her caramel skin.
The thing that always took his breath away was her lips; full and blush. Her hair was always penned up in public but he had the pleasure of seeing it down the palm of her back at L. A. Reid’s swimming party. He wanted her in every sense of the word, but she hated his guts.
“Thank You to all the artists and executives who came tonight. We have just raised over ten million dollars for cancer research. Robyn, I look forward to seeing you for the next ten years as a returning artist, keep yourself away from negative things and you will continue to grow. Please take you gift packages at the door, drive safely, and remember to tip your servers.”
He stayed and took pictures with other artists and Robyn. Passion came to the table and began to speak with Troy his Songbook Entertainment partner. She smiled and spoke to him very briefly, and then she approached Tremaine.
“Hello Mr. Neverson”
“Please call me Tremaine”
“Mr. Neverson, thank you for agreeing to allow Robyn to perform.”
“My pleasure, this is great publicity for her.”
She gave him a look that made him feel small “Of course it is and it’s also a great cause; you all have a good night.” She walked away with an asshole look.
He knew he made the wrong statement. She seemed to always do that to him, with other women, he was able to say the right thing, she made him nervous and that was something that was not easy to do.
He flew back to Atlanta. He stopped by Starlite; his club and had a few drinks, afterwards went to his mansion and showered. He touched himself until he release his seed in the shower drain. She was younger than him but whatever she did to him made him feel like a teenager with a high school crush on his older teacher.

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On: Feb 17, 2012

Passion closed out the function and caught the subway home; the beauty of having the money and power but not the fame.
She could spend like the rich and famous but didn’t have the problems. She was twenty-eight and felt like she was twenty-one until she got around him.
Tremaine Neverson was the wealthiest record company owner in his age bracket. He started his company as an artist at twenty-one and completed a seven year contract and made nearly five hundred million before thirty.
Every artist he signed went platinum or diamond. Robyn was the first lady on Songbook Entertainment and her debut album went triple platinum. He was a wonderful businessman but was a major asshole.
She heard about him, he was arrogant and brutally honest with women. She thought that was good until she experienced it for herself.
He always said the most boastful things and yet many nights, she touched herself over him.
Those eyes were hypnotic and those lips made you wonder what they would feel like on your body. He was not the man for her, she deserved better.
He was wealthy but she was rich, so she didn’t need his money. She desired him but the fear of being another notch on her belt made her cautious. Her phone rang.
“Hey girl, I heard that Tremaine Neverson was at the charity function.”
“Yea he was there.”
“Did you tell him that you will be at his 30th birthday party?”
“No, should I?”
“I think that he would be very interested in knowing you were traveling across country to party with him.”
“Devin, I was invited by Troy and besides, the party will have more than him”
“Yea, but you and I both know why you are going.”
“Goodnight Devin, she hung up the phone, got in her bed, and closed her eyes knowing Devin was right.”
Tremaine prayed before he laid down in his king sized bed.
He looked at mirror above him. He thought to himself how funny life is, even when you have everything you need, you seem to never have everything you want

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On: Feb 17, 2012
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