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“Hello Mr. Neverson, the club has been decorated to perfection and I’ll be there when the catering arrives at four. I still can’t believe you’re throwing your own party.”
“Well, if you want things done the right way, you have to handle things yourself.”
“Troy added two special guests to the list.”
“Who are they?”
“I don’t know but he said you would be happy to see at least one.”
Tremaine thought to himself, the last time Troy made that statement he and three other guys threw an orgy party at his penthouse suite.
She gave him all his messages and went to her office. He made a few phone calls, worked a couple hours, reviewed demos, confirmed the catering and called Troy.
“Troy what are you up to tonight.”
“I’m celebrating the triumph of another decade of young life with my partner. Your mother called me trying to convince me to let you go to the Sonya’s wedding next week. Man you need to settle and I mean quick.”
“Troy don’t try and change subjects, who are the special guests you enlisted at the last minute.”
“Just two lovely ladies, I’m sure you would love to meet.”
“I already have diamonds tonight Troy.”
“Since when do two more seem wrong?”
“You know, for a Christian married man, you have a lot of freak in you.”
“We all do, and I mean we all do. Some just like to enjoy it.”
“Whatever man, I’m headed to the club and I’ll see tonight.”
Tremaine arrived at Starlite, the caterer and Sally had already arrived.
“Happy B-day Mr. Neverson, The food is being prepared as we speak, it will be set up in the VIP area and will be buffered on the dance area until you make the last call.”
“Thank You Mrs. Stones, I know some food was imported and the ice sculpture looks great.”
“The money you’re paying you shouldn’t have anything less than a beautiful night.”

On: Feb 17, 2012

“Thank You”
Tremaine went to his club office, looked at all the receipts and messages, looked over the guest list to see the two names Troy invited; Troy was very careful to not allow them name to be shown, it only said special guest and one.
He started looking over his books and making alcohol orders, he anticipated a great lost after tonight.
It was seven before he knew it and doors open at nine so he needed to go home and get dress.
Tremaine dressed and arrived to Candice’s home. Candice was his main side chick, no matter whether she is free or not, he could call her for sex or companionship.
She’s a student at Georgia Tech and her parents pay for all her expenses along as she maintains a 3.5 or higher GPA, so the money he gives her is purely shopping and superficial. She kissed him; “Happy Birthday baby.” “Who will be the other escort tonight?”
“I like her; she’s pretty and looks sweet.”
“She is”
“Hey Simon, how are you tonight.”
“Fine Miss Candice, you look beautiful as always.”
“Thank you; tell your wife to keep those handcuffs tight.”
Everyone laughed and Simon drove to pick up Tony
Tony was older but looked younger than most women half her age. She was a widow and took full advantage of being Tremaine’s main cougar.
“Tony you’re breathtaking”
“Thank you Simon, should I be scared of you tonight.”
“No mam still choosing to be faithful”
“Good, Hello Tremaine and Candice.”
“Happy Birthday baby” and she kissed him then Candice.”
They drove to the party.
Starlite was packed when they arrive; Robyn was singing when he entered the door, she stop the band when she spotted Tremaine on the dance floor.
“Hold up Mr. D.J. the man of the hour has arrived. Can we get a Happy Birthday one time?”
The club guests begin to sing Happy Birthday and the cake began to make its way to him, when he noticed two eyes beaming on him.

On: Feb 17, 2012

Passion couldn’t believe her eyes, this man was unbelievable, he couldn’t just have one woman, he needed two. Troy said he was single and looking, not a playa.
Why did she even allow herself to believe she could give him the benefit of the doubt? The man was arrogant beyond belief.
“I think we should leave Devin.”
“No, Passion you can’t freeze up every time you see him with other women, he is a good looking wealthy celebrity. Money without good looks attracts women, what the hell do you think happens with him."
"Now, I came to say Happy Birthday to him and so will you.” Devin grabbed her arm and led her to the middle of the dance floor. “Hello Tremaine Happy Birthday.”
“Devin Starr is always good to see you.”
“You are officially a man now.”
“I guess”
“You know my best friend Passion Newman; right.”
“Of course, who doesn’t?”
Candice didn’t like the way Passion looked at Tremaine, as if he was beneath her, “I don’t.”
Devin caught the sarcasm in her voice; “well allow me to introduce you to the highest paid charity function coordinator in New York, Passion Newman.”
“Well, just in case you were confused about the regions of the country, we are in Atlanta,’, Georgia, said Carmen in a matter a fact tone and tonight is Tremaine’s birthday and happiness is his main priority, so if there’s anyone that prefers otherwise should leave.
Whoa, Tremaine thought to himself, Candice never spoke louder than a whistle, she must have picked up Passion’s vibe and Tremaine could tell Candice did not like it. “Ladies lets drink, eat, and be merry.” “Simon show my diamonds to the VIP.”
Devin followed and wink at Passion

On: Feb 17, 2012

“Alone at last”, said Tremaine
“What I can barely hear you over the music”
“Why don’t we go somewhere more private?”
She didn’t like the sound of that, but to piss off Miss Teeny Bopper she followed him. Tremaine took her to his private office.
“Nice office, looks like a tiny apartment.”
“It used to be a studio apartment for the guy who sold this place.”
“Why did you bring me here?”
“So we could talk and I wanted to be able to hear you say Happy Birthday.”
“Well Happy Birthday,” she began to walk towards the door.
“Wait,” he grabbed her hand.
She had never gotten this close to him, his hand felt soft and she was turned on just by his touch. She blushed and pulled her hand back, “I think we should go,” she whispered.
The look in her eyes said it all. She was attracted to him. Tremaine thought to himself, this may be his only opportunity to show her how he felt, that he would leave every woman new or old for her; all she had to do was ask.
He pulled her close. “Do you really want to go to the party or do you want to stay with me?”
“Yes what”
“Yes I want to go to the party.”
He placed lips close enough to her neck where she could feel his breathe but not lips at least not yet.
“Are you sure Passion?”
She never actually heard her name said like that. He was making her melt right in his arms and he didn’t even know it.
“Please Tremaine”
“Say it again”
“No; the part when said my name.”
“Tremaine, I, I think we should go back.”
The sound of her voice, the way she looked at him, she was definitely jealous when she saw him with his diamonds.

On: Feb 17, 2012

He placed her against the door. “You looked beautiful tonight, red is my favorite color, did you wear this for me?” She could only purr.
He kissed her neck, her reactions made him very aware of her feelings. She begged him to stop, but it was too late, his hand was already up her dress.
She was scared, not of him, but what he might think of her. She was wearing nothing underneath her dress. She didn’t want him to think she was easy but she wanted him to continue.
He touch her love, she was naked and shaved. He kissed her lips; those lips he long for the past six years, the lips he dreamed about, now she was moaning from his touch.
“You don’t have on any underwear.” “I like a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.” She moaned.
He kissed her deeper and placed his fingers inside her. She grabbed his shoulders and embraced the pleasure.
He moved fingers in and out and around. “Are you going to be my birthday gift?”
He kissed her lips to muffle the moans. Stroke after stroke until she bust on his fingers, afterwards he placed them in his mouth. Ummmmm. He got on his knees, she smelled incredible.
Please Tremaine don’t. Before she could finish the statement, he was working his tongue on her clit, then her lips then her clit.
He moved his tongue all over her love, she could only enjoy it. There was no more pleading for him to stop but moans and yes.
She climaxed and he licked her juices from his lips, kissed her neck lifted her left leg for entrance. She was so in the zone, she didn’t notice he’d unloosen his pants. She screamed from the entrance. He paused. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, it’s o.k.”
He was bigger than the men she had, she took the pain to enjoy the pleasure. He began the remove his tie and blazer with her help. He stepped out his shoes and pants, then removed her dress, they moved down to the floor. He seemed to get bigger in that position.
After a few minutes, he was all in and she was cumming all over his shirt.

On: Feb 17, 2012
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