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Tremaine, I, I don’t usually do this.
You’re not a virgin Passion.
Breathless, no I mean sleep with a man the first time were alone.
Don’t worry baby, your secret safe with me.
Thirty minutes pass and you could hear the D.J. ask about the birthday boy when Tremaine and Passion climax together.
When he caught his breath, he realized he wasn’t protected.
It was like she was reading his mind, “don’t worry, I’m on birth control and haven’t had so much of an infection Tremaine, I’m clean.”
He kissed her and said great; because I want more of you.
She got up from and redress. Tremaine, you are a great catch and any woman would be lucky to have you but you’re not the type of man I want. Enjoy your birthday, she open the door, Goodnight.
Tremaine sat there not only from shock but her audacity; she thought enough of him to fuck him bare but not enough to date him.
What the Fuck.
Tremaine awoke to Passion pleasing him orally, she then placed him inside her and rode him like a stallion, he smacked her ass and she placed two of his fingers in her mouth, the love making was quick but passionate.
They showered in separate bathrooms and had breakfast in bathrobes.
“I have a function tonight, so I hope to see you again.”
“Passion I was calling you all night, why the hell weren’t you answering your phone.” Devin closed her mouth when saw Tremaine Neverson. She looked at Passion then Tremaine, “I guess you were busy.”
She turned around and said call me later; Umm it was good to see you again Tremaine and dashed out the house.
Passion caught up with her, she was moving so fast. Devin, he stop by unexpectedly.
“I figured after his birthday you would see him again but remember; you are looking for more than his eye candy Passion. I love you and see you later.”
Devin called Troy.
“Devin Starr, what’s up?”
“I thought you said that you would let me know when Tremaine came into town.”

On: Feb 17, 2012

“Yes, he’s in Atlanta.”
“No. He is in Passion’s kitchen in Manhattan.”
“Well, I didn’t know about it.”
“Well, it looks like our closest friends want to keep each other secret until they are sure.”
“Well, I can tell you that Tremaine will give up everything including Candice and she’s top dog in Tremaine’s book.
Passion is who he wants and his mother likes’ her; believe me when I say that’s a hard thing for a woman to accomplish.”
“Alright Troy, because if he breaks her heart; I break your balls.”
“Sounds nice, what are you going to do to them if he does what I know what he will.’
“I will thank you and let your wife keep them, remember her.”
“Devin, please, you know I was just teasing you.”
“Sure, good bye Troy.” He has to the freakiest man I know she thought to herself.
Tremaine called Simon and told him to stop and get him a suit while Passion was outside with Devin. When she got back in the kitchen, she seemed shame.
He placed his arms around her, stop regretting expressing what you feel. She looked into his eyes; she smiled and said O.k.
They talked and she schooled him on some things in the industry. She was amazing, she made him laugh, and she could cook.
When Tremaine left for Atlanta, she seem to almost cry. “When will I see you again Tremaine.”
“Soon, I’ll be flying overseas for a few weeks but I’ll be back in the NY in a month, but I will arrange things so that I may see you sooner.”
She kissed him, “don’t wait too long. I need you.”
He kissed her cheek; ‘I won’t.’ They drove off with her in the driveway.
Passion went in the house and screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m in love with Tremaine Neverson.” She went to the kitchen and checked her messages. Two were from the office about tonight’s charity event. The last was her brother.
“Hey sis, you gonna leave a brother hanging like this, I thought you said you would be her by ten, it’s almost twelve, where are you.”

On: Feb 17, 2012

Shit, she completely forgot about Tony. She called her brother on his cell.
“Hey Pumpkin, I’m already getting a rental now.”
“I’m so sorry Tremaine surprised me last night.”
“Whoa, who the hell is Tremaine.”
“You know who Tremaine is.”
“O. K. is you talking about the Tremaine.”
“So the brotha finally decided to stop playing with girls and get him a woman.’
“Thank you bro, you always know what to say.”
“I thought you didn’t want to go there with him until you were sure.”
“I am Tony. I am”
“Alright but before you start hearing wedding bells, I want to meet this cat and have a face to face converse with him feel me.
Thank You; where can I get the car. Passion could hear the agent give him directions to the pickup site. ‘Passion; thank you for inviting me to the charity event tonight.”
“No problem, I know that you would meet some people who would more than enjoy helping you start your own gun control charity. Devin is going to be really happy to see you.”
‘I’m sure she will”
“Stop Tony, Devin is more than you give her credit. She is more of a lady now too.’
“I’m sure she is, I’ll see you later by the time I make it, I’m sure you be on the way to the site. I’m going to get some lunch; I’m starving.”
The function started as Musiq Soulchild as the opening artist. Food was served and awards were handed out, then Beyonce’ made her appearance and Justin Timberlake closed out the function, Passion made her usual speech, when she notice for the first time that her brother wasn’t at the table alone. She looked around for Devin when she saw her leaving. She caught up with her.
“Devin where you going; don’t you want to speak to Tony.”
“I already have.”
Devin eyes were puffy from crying. Passion didn’t know what to say; she knew how Devin felt about Tony, but she never cried; Devin was the hardcore, aggressive type.
“Devin, I’m sorry”
"Don’t be: your brother knew I would be here and he brought a complete stranger to the charity function."

On: Feb 17, 2012

"He would whether been seen with a stranger instead of me. Just do me a favor, don’t tell him you seen me like this alright."
She hugged and kissed her on the cheek, call me later alright.
Devin drove home. She opened the door to her brownstone and looked at old high school pictures.
Tony was four years older by age but three years older by grade.
He came to all the school and sports events after he graduated whenever he was on leave.
She was in love with for years and he never gave her the time of day. So one night she decided to take it in every sense of the world.
She turned twenty one and he came to her Bar b’ Q blast. She asked him to help clean the place after everyone left.
Passion knew how she felt, so she and Brian her then boyfriend went to his crib.
She told him to grab a beer while she went and freshen up.
She showered quickly and returned to the living room naked.
She stood in front of the television and got his attention.
He liked what he saw, because he grabbed his pants to control his hard on. She went to him and kissed him.
She began to undress him, when he stopped her. He told her she wasn’t his type, she was a pretty girl but too young for him.
She knew he would say that, so she got on her knees and pulled out his dick. She wasn’t that experience so when she saw how large he was she got nervous.
He said, see a woman his age or older would have tried to suck his skin off.
He put his dick back in his pants; pulled her up and said don’t strike a match in a forest, because you can start a forest fire. He kissed her cheek and left.
Devin got up from the table threw away anything that reminded her of Tony and went to sleep in her bed alone.

On: Feb 17, 2012

Tremaine made a few phone calls and was able to surprise Passion at charity function she was handling in Chicago.
She was more than surprise. When they made it to his condo, her hands were all over him, she was the one doing the fucking.
He found himself day dreaming in office meetings and whenever she called.
He was so sprung, it wasn’t funny. He wanted to take her to meet his mother. He picked up the phone and called his mother.
“Hello Trey”
“Mom, I want you to meet someone.”
“Yes, praises to the Lord, I thought I was going to be carrying a cane before you decided to settle down.”
“Mom, I just want you to meet her, I didn’t say anything about settling’
“Alright, who is she, do I know her, would I like her, and does she have pretty teeth.’
“Yes to all those questions, it’s Passion Newman.”
“The Passion Newman, the one who said you were arrogant.’
“Did you sleep with her Tremaine?”
“Mom, that’s not the kind of question you ask your son.”
“Well, I don’t want another Bianca coming through my door.”
“Mom, you met Passion and you surprise me when you said you liked her, now you’re comparing her to Brie.”
“Don’t call her that, her name is Bianca and she’s gone with the wind, but you slept with her first and she made her decisions by sex including sleeping with your ex manager.”
“Mom, I didn’t call you to bring up my past. I would like for you to meet her, maybe this Christmas.”
“Christmas, you must really like her.”

On: Feb 17, 2012
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