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S Shorty you mad wild. Vita whatz up with the threesome question, have some thoughts lately. But I wouldn't have one, but if i did, I would like to do one with Him and Rihanna before Nicki Minaj, she looks too unreal.

On: Apr 06, 2011

I love how people say they don't like Rihanna.
@CutGirl609, I don't think, I know Beyonce copied Rihanna's style and as for her being a mini Beyonce, people need to take a look at the things Destiny's Child did prior to Beyonce going solo, the girl couldn't dance worth a lick but Rihanna's first single was a dance hit.
Next Rihanna did all kinds of raw and straight pushing the envelope things. And like Kanye said. Rihanna forced Beyonce to step her game up. USA is so Beyonce fronted that Rihanna can't win for losing here and that's why she kills her internationally annually. I watched as she performed a 8 minute dance routine while singing with no break, have yet to see the Queen Bee do that.
And yes Rihanna was signed by Jay Z but he was not her manager until last year and even now, he only manages her business not her record making decisions.
I said it before and I will say it again Trey and Rihanna would make a great couple but I guess seeing is believing.

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On: Apr 05, 2011

Mama's boys are capable of hitting women but I see many things in Tremaine but a woman beater; no. But I knew this would happen. Last year I posted on a blog that Trey needed to stay the hell away from Chris Brown because of this particular reason. Birds of a feather flock together.
People said it was more to the siuation with Rihanna than the media let on and she threw him in front of a bus. That nigga got off and easily because of his fame. I said that nigga was going to show his true colors by March 2011. I need to get a cookie, becuz lo and behold, the brother couldn't help himself on GMA. Now this is how I feel about the Chris Brown situation and please when it comes to comparison of personality, please don't comparre him to Tremaine thanks.

On: Apr 05, 2011

Why do people spread that rumor about her having herpes. I guess people forget they said the same thing about Trey because of the split on his lip when he first debuted Gotta Make It.
@Vita. you're right, I think he would only want sex, but from the way she carries herself, I bet that's not where it's going to stop. He only publicly dated one woman (Helen) and quality is not what I ever saw in her.
Now, I've seen Rihanna in concert and I think she's much better than people in the USA give her credit. People overseas have much better judgment and Beyonce is still trying to get her crown. Destiny's Child and Hova helped Beyonce. Rihanna on the otherhand did it on her own. People can continue to say negative things and she will continue to climb, that's what S&M is all about. But we are so sexually repressed in this country that sex appeal is noticed more than talent.
Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example.

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On: Apr 05, 2011

Trey and Rihanna would be a good collaboration on and off the mic. People who doesn't like probably hasn't taken the time to do research on her or just takes her for face value. I'm a fan, so I guess i'm bias.

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On: Apr 05, 2011
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