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Philippians 3:14-21 is the transformation of the serenity prayer. The prayer is not said in the exact form as written. Delight yourself in knowing Trey Songz, allow me to delight myself in knowing Christ. I believe you begin to have a misunderstanding with me about four months ago during a discussion begun by SShorty. I did not speak against you an ill manner then and I'm not going to speak to you in an ill manner now. I don't really care to be in odds with anyone and don't feel obligated to tell you about yourself in a way to make you feel less of yourself. I attempted to speak to you were no one except you could see it, that way wasn't appreciated. The same things I said before remains.

Replied To: NO ANGEL LOVE ()
On: Dec 28, 2010

Maybe she's a fan and just hasn't made it official.

On: Dec 23, 2010

I would whether be his side chic

On: Dec 22, 2010

@ Threadstarter do you consider yourself to be a Micheal Jackson fan. If so, do you know the name of his first album (Its not Off The Wall or Thriller), do you know the name of his first song with the Jacksons. If Micheal was still alive would you know that name of the first single he would have released for his This Is It promotion.
You might say well I was a fan of his music but I don't know all that. When Micheal Jackson was pronounced dead there were people killing themselves for him because they saw no purpose without him.
Now, I ask do you love Tremaine Neverson that much, I bet your first reaction is hell no; he's just a man. Well, some people didn't know anything about Trey Songz until he recieved better management and they know how to showcase Trey's talents.
I don't get why Trey himself says, thank you for supporting me whether its was from yesterday or since the beginning. But yall still think fans who buy CDs, tickets, memberships, and support Trey just like Angels are any less of fans than those who knew about him since 2004.
There are no fake fans only new and old and as far as Trey's Angels those are people who were willing to pay to be part of a community, remember that.
I love Trey Songz and his music but I have never met the man and I don't know Tremaine Neverson.
I bet some Angels did not know the name of his demo until 2009 when he released it as a mixtape. R they fake Angels? Come on people can we stop this you are less than us stuff!

On: Dec 21, 2010
Replied To: VA ANGEL MEET & GREET (Blog)
On: Dec 21, 2010
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