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Well all I have to say is now I want to see Trey again soon. I miss him sooo much and seeing him a scarey movie was not helping! :P the movie was good though and Tremaine did amazing!! So proud of him!!!!! <3

On: Jan 05, 2013

i didnt even just cry, i seriously about passed out. i saw him once i walked into the store just bawled like it was instant! haha but yes it was an amazinggg experience and im sooo thankful that it finally happened! praying it happens again <3

On: Aug 25, 2012

wish trey would of had this contest while he was still in PA! :( Good luck to everyone!

Replied To: Private Concert! (Blog)
On: Aug 25, 2012

Seeing Trey in Philly!!

On: Aug 21, 2012

is there any way we can be part of this video but i dont have a pic with trey cuz i havnt met him yet :'(

Replied To: Video for Trey ()
On: Aug 05, 2012
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Tremaine Neverson, where do I even start? I seriously love that man! Have been a fan since the beginning, & I know many girls out there say that, but i really am a TRUE fan! It's been going on 6 years now that i have been obsessing over Trey. ;) In his interview with Wild Atlanta, Trey said he loved me <3 Cant get that moment out of my head! I finally got to meet him at a Philly cd signing and I about died, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! Love you Treyyyy.!
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