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Boxing ain''t no joke man... Say Trigga, throw that single, "Original," feat Jeezy on I-Tunes.

Replied To: New Video: Trey Songz - Na Na (Blog)
On: Mar 13, 2014


I like the football concept of the video... That dude Jeezy was a nice touch on the record! I've been a supporter of your music since the beginning as I've probably heard every commercial and or underground song you've ever blessed. Understanding that you don't expect everyone to like the direction of your creativity I will not be purchasing your album or listening to anymore of your music... When questioned about your growth during an online interview your comment was geared toward regret of your, "R&B Thug,"image. I'm not saying that, "Thuggin" makes you or anyone else authentic... I'm saying that there are others from the beginning who are fans of,"the R&B Thug," image and an egotistical response to a humble beginnning has changed my perspective. Please know 007-11 that I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and you are a very talented singer...

On: Aug 22, 2012

I haven't forgotten homey... I've already signed up, but I'm tryin to figure out how to use storywheel as I don't have an I-Phone... I'll find a way to win before the deadline my dude. Watch...

On: Aug 09, 2012

Sounds like ur staying true my dude... I have a feeling that you'll do well when that album drop. Either way, Ima get it. I wonder if you'll have a deluxe edition with xtra tracks...

On: Aug 06, 2012

Live entertainment many watchin Trigga sangin.
Heart Attack, he killin shows, gettin money, can you blame him?
Real ninja to the root, bag of money, spittin truth.
Never forget, you dropped that hit, real street fan, I'm Thanking You:)!

*That bag of money remix is nice my dude! Thank you for dat...

On: Jul 26, 2012
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