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@LorahSongz ill follow back! need some fellow Trey stans on my twitter

Replied To: DROP YOUR TWITTER NAMES BELOW!! (Forum topic)
On: Feb 06, 2013

yeah i feel that too its like a clash, he mentioned about it being a euro dance track for the Europe market which is why its a happy dance beat.. but i think he could of used them lyrics for an emotional track and put happy lyrics with the never again beat but i like it anyway :)

Replied To: "Never Again" Song confusion (Forum topic)
On: Aug 23, 2012

I feel I should win this because your music actually means so much to me , you have a song to relate to every situation ive been through. You inspire me truely as a person everything you stand for that you are true to yourself and a down to earth man where family means everything to you, it does to me too. I remember seeing the 'wonder woman' video on tv i was soo happy that you where finally on the music channels i cried. Every album you've made is amazing , the rawness at the beginning on I Gotta make it and Trey day then hearing your growth vocally and your success in Ready and ppp. Ive seen you live twice once in Birmingham where i traveled across the country to see you, the 2nd time in Liverpool i waited 6 hours in the queue just to be near the front. I remember when 3 or so years back i went to New York only to find out the day after i flew home you where doing an album singing near to where i was staying, i was so devastated i missed seeing you in person it still upsets me now. Ive still never met you :( Every time i hear you on the radio i get too excited your voice just lightens up my day! I still listen to Genesis to relax me in the bath lol . your music never gets old. I recently got a tattoo in writing of 'Trey Songz' on my wrist, with all my family and friends saying i will regret it however i wanted my 1st tattoo to be meaningful and it means so much to me and always will, now Instead of shouting to request a song by you in a club i just show them my tattoo, I think the djs are sick of seeing it haha . The area i live in not many people listen to R&B its more pop/dance music but i believe my love for you as an artist i have created a bigger fan base over here now all my friends and family know who you are and sing along to your songs too, im constantly promoting your music to people i know. I can not think of another artist i would rather interview and meet. I know my chance will come one day hopefully it can be now. <3

On: Aug 07, 2012

yeah true! where do you want the tattoo?

Replied To: MY TREY SONGZ TATTOO (Forum topic)
On: Apr 21, 2012

thanks :D I think its better to just get Trey Songz unless you knew the real Tremaine Neverson if thats makes sense ? lol

Replied To: MY TREY SONGZ TATTOO (Forum topic)
On: Apr 21, 2012
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Im 19 and studying beauty. Trey Songz is actually my life! cant go a day without mentioning his name! Im obsessed <3 .. got a tattoo of his name over a year ago to show my dedication! but still havent had the chance to meet him yet and it kills me, since ive seen him live 3 times. Trey fansss Follow my twitter ill follow back since we share a common interest :) @ LorahSongz
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Trey Songz, Sammie, Tank, J.Cole , Tupac , Karina pasian ... I could go on forever!
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