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lovable laddy


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well as for me i sleep in my under wear so thatz what i would sleep in........and as for what i would do with him most of the time i would talk to him in get to know him as a person and & man after words maybe watch a movie then go 2sleep with him.

On: Apr 17, 2010

i mean if i was to be kiss by trey songz i would act as if it's just another person i'm kissin....dont get me wrong he is hot and i would kiss him back but i'm not a groupie just a person with the same feelin as other's so i mean it would be cool

On: Apr 17, 2010
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lovable laddy
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I am a very cool person to know dont like drama at all love 2 hang out with friends in have a nice fun time. I'm 20 years old i have 2kids finsh school and have alot goin for myself....i love scarey,funny, and action movies as well. but over all im just living life bein me tryin to stay out the way in make it just like the rest....(^ _ ^)!!!!!......