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Trey you honestly really are such a talented artist unlike other singers you can ACTUALLY sing I've heard you sing live and it was beyond the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard. You are a great person as well you're like the whole package and the love you share for your family is beautiful you never forget about them no matter where you are in the world just as us, your fans who always keep you close to our hearts because we have a special type of bond and love with you through your music which keeps us together and keeps our love for you strong. We have and will keep supporting you through your journey as a singer and even after that you'll continue to stay in our hearts. For us the true fans you have we will always remember you through your music which you write and sing for us. I can tell you're very dedicated to your music because when i listen to your songs i can hear how much effort you put into writing it and singing it just for us to enjoy you think about your fans and try your best to give us your best in what you do in hopes that we will love it and we always do Trey you never disappoint us, you always know how to keep us amazed by what you do and we appreciate everything you do for us which is why we will keep supporting you all the way. Know that we will never give up on you and will love you through it all and i really appreciate you doing this to us Canadians giving us a chance to meet you which is really considerate of you. Remember Trey from "we gotta make it" we were there for you and we will continue to be with you on this journey. We keep you close to our heart always Tremaine much love.

On: Aug 11, 2012
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