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he said he was gonna release the dates the first week of septemer would start the end of october but as we all see, he hasnt yet . but by the end of the month i think he should be releasing the dates

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On: Sep 16, 2012

Sierra Rowe

On: Sep 16, 2012

Damn I would enter but i been deleted my FB -_-

On: Sep 13, 2012

Chapter V has been yet another amazing album from Trey. Going back to Ready you can hear the ambition in his music to become successful and listening to Chapter V just warms me with the idea that Trey has finally become successful. It truly is hard to pick favorites on the album cause each track was thoughtfully layed out. The transitions between each song are smooth. The songs that I do keep on repeat the most are: Dive In, Pretty Girls Lie, Forever Yours, Simply Amazing, and Almost Lose It. I think these songs hit home the most cause they seem so personal to Trey. Especially Almost Lose It. Any track that can make an Angel actually feel like they can relate to the artist is oure genius and thats what makes Chapter V #SimplyAmazing

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On: Sep 11, 2012

He said the first week of September and the tour would be late August. he did an interview thats on youtube recently

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On: Aug 30, 2012
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