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I love you Tremaine ! Always and forever an Angel <3

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Aug 28, 2012

Lol what do you want to know ? I was just in Awww . Like I couldn't believe he was right there in front of me . When I walked up he was tryna bite the cap off the sharpie and dear lord it just looked like a sex ad commercial lls . He gave me a hug and said Hi Sierra, afterwards he signed my stuff and when we went to take the picture he pulled me away to see my outfit and was like "you lookin' good right now" and i couldve died on the spot lls . I dont even think I said thankyou smh. Then he held on to me we took our pic and when i leaned in to give him my last hug he kissed me on my cheek. It's so unreal I dont even believe it ya'll . If I aint have a pic w/ him I wouldnt believe it myself .

On: Aug 27, 2012

he has one in richmond for the Obama campaign on wednesday

Replied To: Private Concert! (Blog)
On: Aug 26, 2012

man I wish I could have been there -_-

Replied To: Private Concert! (Blog)
On: Aug 26, 2012

Had an AMAZING experience . I was the first to meet Trey and I was truly mesmerized and he smelled sooooo good !

On: Aug 24, 2012
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