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Hello Trey's Webcrew =)

As I was browsing through Trey's merchandise I noticed that there isn't a variety of poster selections, so maybe adding a couple more to the merchandise would be awesome ;). Secondly, I think that having a variety in different shirt styles (as far as silhouettes, i.e. off the shoulder shirts muscle shirts, razorback shirts) would definitely make a difference for your consumers esp. since the grand majority of Trey's fans are females =)

Also, I was thinking, when Trey comes out with a CD you can include a complementary signed poster (even if you decide to charge a bit of a fee for this?) for those who pre-order the CD through his fan site?

Hope these brief ideas have been helpful and triggered many ideas =). I have plenty more, but I don't wanna bore everyone with my shenanigans.
Patty =D

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On: Jul 06, 2010
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