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hey ladies! its been a minute since i've been on here, and i'm seeing the posts and y'all are hilarious lol!!!!! but i did change my @ name its @ITSforeverSONGZ now just in case y'all wanted to follow me and i'll be glad to follow back :)

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On: Sep 15, 2012

ready for this! #teamryan :)

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On: Sep 15, 2012

good morning angel sister! my name is necie and i just followed you my @ name is @ITSforeverSONGZ :)

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On: Sep 15, 2012

at least you've got your mine havent even came yet =(

Replied To: 2012 Poster Calander ()
On: Jan 11, 2012

hey @LovingSongzBaby :)

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On: Dec 13, 2011
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Hi! my name is necie but i go by lucy i dont know where that name came from im 21 years old i live in fort worth, texas im a college student. I love trey songz obviously i recently became an angel on 2-14-11 and i'm the insightful angel thanks to the nickname team. I go hard for trey i am a die heart fan and if you have a twitter you should follow me @LovingSongzBaby and i'll be happy to follow back and show my angels that angel love. =)
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