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I Agree With L A N A. I Would Leave My Boyfriend In A HEARTBEAT For Trey! Now, Many May Think Because Of His Money, But I Truely &&nd Honestly Think Trey Has A Good Personality From His Show. &&nd Plus He Is Fine &&nd Can Sing. OMG That's A Package Worth Taking. How Can You Give Pass That Up?

On: Jul 02, 2010
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Well First Off, You Can Search All Over The World, But I Guarantee You Won't Find Another Girl Like Me. Down For Her Man &&nd Will Support Him 100% Of The Way. But The Main Reason Why Joining This Page Is Obvious, I Love Trey SOOO Much!! I Would DO ANYTHING To Meet Him. But If I Don't Get To Meet Him :( I Still Wish Him Nothing But The Best And Success In His Future!!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! Muah!!! MUCh LOVE TO YOU!!
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