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Hey Trey, my name is Luke, I am a 20 year old police foundations student but I am an aspiring singer and I can only pin 2 men for my inspiration and you are deffinately one of those men. The fluidness and absolutely flawless pitch of your voice has driven me to work every single day of my life to refine my voice and to continue learning everything else i possibly can. Being a part of the terrible financial situation i am a part of it is hard for me to afford to pursue my dream of becoming an artist, but dont think it stops me from trying my ass off. If you even wanted to take out 5 minutes and check out one of my videos on youtube then you would understand my dedication (LukePrinciottaMusic). The opportunity to sit down and pick your brain on technique, the paths youve taken to get to where you are and what you think I could work on or do to get myself there would be a once in a life time opportunity. I refrain from saying 1 in a million because that would imply there are other opportunities like this, but there isnt. I think deep in your heart man that there wouldnt be a silent moment during the interview with us because i would have so much ready to ask being as passinoate as i am. This interview with you could not only be extremely enjoyable and enlightening but a complete turn around for my life and an additional inspiration for me. Just keep doing what youre doing man because you always find a way to teach me something new everytime you open your mouth and sing. If i get this opportunity to speak with you it will not be an opportunity wasted by any means. Have a good one and god bless man.

On: Aug 09, 2012
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