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where in the world wud u get that from???
~stop listin'n to otha ppl

On: Jun 03, 2010

i got ALL his CD'S && i even got the mixtapes hes on so i downloaded them all on my computer and made a lil playlist for my {ipod} they wud have to be....
1.jux gotta make it
2.yo side of the bed
3.i need a girl
5.panty droppa
6.does he do it??
7.jupiter love
8.gotta go
9.role play

On: Jun 03, 2010

well as far as TREMAINE...i cant speak on that..i wud love to get to noe the person behind TREY SONGZ!! but as far as the artist not jux him but the sweet music that he is puttin out~not jux for theladies but sumthin a man can out on to let his girl noe that hes READY&& willing...i love his soul&&spirit and i love that he reps V.A to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!! i &still rep it without a problem is jux wonderful..i love what hes doing && i pray he keep duin it as long as the gud lord above may let him.

On: Jun 03, 2010

his smile && his voice!!! its not all about his looks but his voice is jux so angelic and his smile makes me smile!! it is a smile that cud brighten nebodys day

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jun 03, 2010
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live life as if it were my last because i neva noe when im leaving this earth>>i love trey songz lyke krazy<<>>ive been listin'n to his music every since 'jux gotta make it' hit the radio!!! i <3 all of his music and even the ones he is featured in<< i cant go a day w/o listin'n 2him nd ive been to 4 concerts and im planning to go to more....maybe 1day ill get to meet him =}