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My Simply Amazing V-Day would be spent with the Love of my Life (Aside Trey), my Father who has bone cancer. On 10/12/10, I was shot during a domestic violence situation and is currently paralyzed. It has been a huge struggle but thanks to my family especially my Father I have made outstanding progress. He motivates me to work hard during my recovery bc he doesn't allow being a diabetic on insulin with a heart condition and bone cancer to keep him from doing ANYTHING!! If the weather allowed I would have taken volunteers to help me complete the remodeling process of my parents home. He has always wanted to be a homeowner and unfortunately the house was vandalized so he has to do so much work until they can move in. My father is the kindest most thoughtful man that I know. He raised five girls including my adoptive sister and was a father figure to many boys growing up in our community. He never allowed a mother and her children to walk if he could help it. In the apartment complex we lived there weren't many children who had fathers so my Pops would fix cars and do handy work to make the mothers lives just a little bit easier. Despite his health issues he assist me with everything I ask him and even when I don't ask him for help. I am so BLESSED to have him in my LIFE and it would mean the world to me if people could come together to help make his dream come true!

On: Feb 12, 2013
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Lovey Heavenly Angel
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I am a self-motivated,strong, hard-working, and determined woman. I was recently paralyzed so I am completely focused on my RECOVER, which includes becoming an advocate/ motivational speaker for Prevention Domestic Violence and Spinal Cord Injury!
I am currently writing a novel based on my life, I also enjoy writing short stories and poems as well. I watch a lot of movies, listen to music and read romance novels.
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Trey Songz has been my favor artist since he came out in his braids bc it was like R. Kelly passed the torch to the right one to keep Real R & B going! I also like New Edition, Tyrese (TGT)
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