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Can't wait to see it..don't like to be scared but hey treys in it so I'm all in

On: Dec 08, 2012

I love the song fumble your heart

Replied To: Listen to “Fumble”! (Blog)
On: Dec 05, 2012

Went to Chicago show on Saturday and he killed it. I wish I could have gotten his time I will...I just need another person who wants to go half on the meet and greet in my area

Replied To: Listen to “Fumble”! (Blog)
On: Dec 05, 2012

@shayelle I don't kno why that is..hopefully they're working on the issue and you receive ur card soon..cuz in the event that we might need em its only fair that u b allowed to go...@msyuup I hav no clue as to why some were sent a 2nd card..I'm guessin either a mistake or an update on the currnt cards we had..1 is grey n the othr is kind of a gold/tan like color...mayb they'll send out a newsletter explaining wats going on

On: Mar 04, 2011

If ur a memeber I think ur gonna get one..I think by it being new they're gettin all the kinks out so I'm sure you'll get one...I was caught off guard wen I received mines I didnt expect it wen it came in the mail

On: Mar 04, 2011
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