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November 7

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I'm pretty much laid back. I n'joy spendin time with family and friends. I love quality time just kickin it or takin in a movie. I love to pamper and be pampered. I like ridin n my car blastin my favorite songs by Mr. Trey Songz lol I know da people n the other cars think I'm crazy cause I go hard and when I'm not doin those thingz you can catch me on facebook. I'm so glad to become 1 of Trey's newest Angel's (01/08/2011).......LUV YOU BABEE......... MUAH.......there's a new Angel in town and her name is luvsmesumTrey aka Rhonda. Be Blessed.
New Orleans
United States
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Please contact with all fan club inquires, as they are able to best assist you in resolving these issues. Include the name and email you used to register for the fan club and an invoice number if you received one.


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Welcome to my hubby fanclub family...seems like we are getting more louisiana angles slowly but showly...its all good doe cuz im gon hold my hubby down in da boot...

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Hey girly..yes i am goin to essence but only on the day that Trey is performing because that's my family reunion weekend and a couple more angels are all getting together when i get down there u should hook up wit us...i will keep u posted on the plans once we find out what day he is performing.