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@JesusIsMySavior SMH ur rite dats on da list as well cause these dayz gurl you just never kno.....of course you will get da dumb look and NO but SOMETIMES you can read a person......SMH again........

@CutTGurl609 Happy Belated Birthday 2 You.......We do tend 2 over analyze blow stuff out of proportion when its not even necessary honey I just get me a nice glass of Moscato and chill. It isn't worth da drama I use 2 argue with people on blogs n cars cuttin out n front of me or whenever u suppose 2 argue. Not anymore I tell them ohhhh you were about 2 make me take my wingz off......I adjust da wingz n da halo and I'm all good lol. 2 months ago I discovered I had high blood pressure baby I'm not ready 2 leave here um umm. When my husband passed I was left 2 raise 2 babies so I know the importance of being a single Mom. NOTHIN or NO1 is more important than dat child. You can do it I'm not sayin its gonna be easy cause it won't sometimes you will go without just so ur child can have. Its a daily grind n struggle but n da long run it is all worth it. Just 2 see dat little person look up 2 you and say Momma is worth all da tea in China.

On: Mar 17, 2011

@Essence711 Thanks chick da loss of my husband taught me a lot da 4 things in particular 1.Live life to da fullest 2.If u fall in love again never take for granted dat ur partner will be around forever so love with all ur heart 3.If you love some1 say it and 4.NEVER EVER GO 2 BED ANGRY CAUSE DAT JUST MIGHT BE DA LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE UR PARTNER AGAIN.......My husband and I had argument da nite before and I never got a chance 2 tell him I was sorry but we use 2 always say I love you so it eases da pain a little. Yes Trey is only human and he does have needs and wants just like every1 else. So if you go into da relationship knowin just what he wants from you its up 2 you 2 except, and ur rite if he's playin single than u can as well. I understand what you mean about you wouldn't be sleepin around b'cuz I don't do dat type of stuff either. It takes me a min 2 give in 1 time I was with a guy a whole year b4 we got 2 dat.......and a person will lie 2 you 2 make himself look da way you want them 2 but a least you'll both know once you've had dat talk and they mess up you can tell them dat you guys had spoke on dat and ur not gonna tolerate what they are doin and bounce if dats what you wanna do. Getting my niece ready 4 school ttyl......take care

On: Mar 17, 2011

@ CutTGurl609 As for ur friend she is allowin him 2 do these things if she started off da relationship allowin him 2 have his way and stayed then she created dat monster. If he is able 2 go wherever he wants then she should be able 2 do da same....if this has been goin on from da beginnin and she didn't like it she should have walked then (Do they live 2 gether) if so its not 2 late let him go on his trip and when he comes back he'll be on another trip cause I'll be all packed up and gone. She has plenty of time she can pack up all of her stuff and some of his lmao n get ghost. Dat's my point exactly some women take it from a regular guy but they sit on here and say they won't take it from Trey. Be real with urself. Like I say I put all my chips on da table in dat 1st phone convo they might not even get 2 a 1st date and once dats done we either get 2gether or go apart.......I wanna kno where u work, 1st n last name, do you have kids, who u livin with, how many baby momma's, drink smoke, da last time u had sex, are u abusive, etc. (some may not letcha know certain things dats when da 1st n last name come in) and most of all how BIG is ur package can't be messin around with small ones........Ohh yes I have 2 kno off top......then I move 2 what I'm not gonna tolerate........I'M NOT PLAYIN NO GAMES WITH THESE MEN OUT HERE......My standards are mine so either we gon do it or we not.......POINT BLANK

On: Mar 17, 2011

@ CutTGurl609 Thank you some1 finally understands......he's not an average JOE and you can't expect him 2 live his life as if he's 1.....If you can't handle his lifestyle right now than you aren't da 1 for him right now your best option would probably be an average JOE b'cuz if he's not ready 2 change he won't . Now once he feels its right to publicized his relationship he will whether its with you or sum1 else.....I'm just sayin we all have takin bull from an average JOE b4 n sum of us have grown. In sayin dat if Trey says ur his lady he will treat you as dat his lady. He will do things with you he will spoil you but it might have 2 be secretly. I'm sure he will constantly assure you dat you are da 1 phone calls, flowers, letters, winin & dinin you takin trips etc. If Trey says ur just a 1 nite stand than ur dat but I heard his 1 nite stands are of da chain.....I heard he will make you feel like a million dollars betta than any date you have ever been dat might not be 2 bad if dats what u are into. Datin an artist is hard work datin period is hard so in order for a relationship 2 work YOU HAVE 2 WORK AT IT....WHEN YOU GO INTO A RELATIONSHIP PUT ALL UR CHIP ON DA TABLE ALL UR LIKES N DISLIKES AND AFTER DAT IF YOU OR HE DISLIKE SOMETHIN AND YOUR NOT GONNA CHANGE IT......WALK AWAY......THATS WHAT I DO....SO IF I WAS TREY'S WOMAN WE WOULD HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED EVERYTHIN AND MOVED FORWARD FROM THERE......This maybe shockin 2 most women but I'm friends with my ex's (ALL OF THEM) even from high school. I don't hold grudges. If they need advice or just 2 check up on me and WE ARE NOT FCUKIN FRIENDS don't get it twisted....1 keeps beggin me back statin dat I'm da best thing dat ever happen 2 him even his Mumma calls me and says da samethin 2 me and she fusses with him and tells him he never had nobody betta than me.....SMH

On: Mar 17, 2011

@TEE LMAO.......sorry for all dat.....but I feel ya.

On: Mar 17, 2011
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