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You only live once and life is 2 short 2moro isn't promised 2 anyone so all I'm sayin is Trey Songz shows us he knows how 2 treat a woman. It's a line dat divides da 2 Trey from Tremaine. Tremaine has shown us his affection for his Mumma and I was always told da way a MAN treats his Mumma is da way he'll treat you. Yes a man would only do as much as you let him BUT we are not talkin about an average Joe here. That goes on a regular 9-5 job n back home. We are talkin about an artist dat has a fan base he even CHANGED his name when he's a work he's TREY SONGZ when he's home with family n friends he's Tremaine. All I'm saying he can do what he wants 2 as TREY SONGZ (except cheat) but once he's Tremaine Aldon Neverson he goes home and give his WOMAN ALL DA LOVIN...........nah does dat make sense? Just askin

On: Mar 16, 2011

@Essence711 Well I guess you would say I have experience and you learn........No I'm not sayin it's ok 2 cheat lets get that straight rite now......If I knew he was fcukin sumthin dat would be another story but dat wasn't mentioned above. I was married b4 and in order 2 make a relationship work you have 2 compromise ur not goin always wanna do what ur spouse wants 2 do and vise-versa but you grow from experience. Like I said I was married b4 and loss my husband at an early age I was 24 and he was a police officer and let me get off of dat story b4 my computer shocks me from my (((TEARS))). So I've learned a lot and I'm only speakin from my heart if I was TREMAINE'S woman I could put up with him marketin himself in da public eye kissin, grabbin, flirtin, sayin, or doin whatever he wants in da public as long as it doesn't go any further than dat.......I keep goin back 2 he's a BRAND and he's MARKETING........Now once da time is rite he will do all those things 2 you and more.........When he was with Helen da world knew about him and his fan base wasn't as broad as it is now........JUST SAYIN........I have ex's as well as other guys tryin 2 get next 2 me but they don't stand a chance in hell especially my ex's because I've been down dat rode b4 and as for da new comers Trey has taught me a lot as well so da game they try n spit is so weak it makes me WEAK tryin 2 listen 2 them.......LMAO

On: Mar 16, 2011

@Essence711 Ariel [ @COOGIdown ) That's exactly what I'm sayin as long as hes a BRAND and sellin himself for his career da woman should honor his wishes if shes his woman.......I'm saying while he's out in da public eye but once he's HOME and he's TREMAINE den its another story......BUT ONCE HE IS READY 2 SHARE WITH DA WORLD DATS WHAT HE WILL DO......His BRAND is what makes his money and pays his bills and YOURS 2 if hes your man so why not let him market himself 2 make a better life 4 da both of you........THAT'S MY 2 belittle oneself just 2 have understandin in what sells......TREY SONGZ is a HOTT COMMODITY rite now and he's doin whats best 4 him and his........One can be HOTT as fire 2day and COLD as ice 2moro by havin a girl/boy friend wife or husband it shouldn't be that way if you have loyal fans but as we all know life doesn't always go as you plan.......WE as women has let a man in our life do or say somethin 2 us we didn't like and WE either took it or told him 2 walk and learned from it.......SO WHY NOT LET TREY for a minute until he turns back into TREMAINE.............NUFF SAID

On: Mar 16, 2011

I don't think a woman has to have low self esteem to put up with the above mentions from Trey......1st off if Trey's ur Man ur SELF ESTEEM should be thru da I think dat statement is false. A RELATIONSHIP should be built on TRUST once you have that and put GOD 1st all da rest will fall into place. Like I said previously I wouldn't have a problem with anythin mentioned aboved. Trey Songz is a BRAND he has 2 market da BRAND that's how he makes his money. Its just like anythin else if its on da market to sell whether it's candy, soft drinks, a house, car etc. its a BRAND and in order to sell da most of it you put it on da market you advertise. So if he was mine and wanted 2 walk da red carpet wit (his Mumma r just a female 2 switch it up) it really wouldn't bother me. Trey has a good heart you can tell from his music, da way he speaks about his family and God. Trey will give da right woman much respect its just in him and it comes out in his music. He has this 1 song (One Love) where he pours his love out and when da time is rite he will do just dat here are some of da lyrics "when your tired of da lies and da truth is all you wanna hear" "baby here I am I'm ur man I came with EVERYTHIN you needed" "I kno dat so many other dudes cheat but so many dudes ain't me give me my pick of any dime and I'll pick you gurl every time" "don't cha wanna be my only gurl" "1 mind 1 heart 1 love" "u and me r undefeated".........Rite now Trey is livin his dream he is a sex symbol and he is marketing himself as a BRAND. When da time is rite Tremaine will settle down and give dat special woman all dat he has to offer and until dat happens you will just have 2 adjust 2 be his woman. When he is ready to let da WORLD kno he's TAKEN he will do so and he will treat you with da respect you deserve. He will walk da red carpet and all da other things dat are mentioned above but there is a time and place for EVERTHIN and at this moment da time isn't rite.......BEE-LEEE DAT

On: Mar 16, 2011

@ mizzshay2010 Thanks for da info........

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On: Mar 15, 2011
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