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This is a business and sex does sell so it comes with da territory. I wouldn't mind him sayin he's single and really have no problem with anythin else that was mentioned above.......He's Trey he's hott and every female wants him. So in order for you to be his woman you would have 2 do alot of adjustin if dis isn't what u are use 2.......and if you don't adjust den most likely you won't be with him. From what I can tell from Trey he knows how 2 treat his woman so even tho he may be tellin da world he's single if you were his woman trust me he would go out of his way 2 give you his heart and 2 show you just how special you are 2 him.

On: Mar 12, 2011
On: Mar 02, 2011
On: Mar 02, 2011
On: Feb 22, 2011
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I'm pretty much laid back. I n'joy spendin time with family and friends. I love quality time just kickin it or takin in a movie. I love to pamper and be pampered. I like ridin n my car blastin my favorite songs by Mr. Trey Songz lol I know da people n the other cars think I'm crazy cause I go hard and when I'm not doin those thingz you can catch me on facebook. I'm so glad to become 1 of Trey's newest Angel's (01/08/2011).......LUV YOU BABEE......... MUAH.......there's a new Angel in town and her name is luvsmesumTrey aka Rhonda. Be Blessed.
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