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Im hoping trey will be knocking at my door lol with tickets in hand (bay area location-oakland/san jose/san francisco)

I saw him a t a small venue with latoya and he blew my socks off, well i didnt have any one but he was the $h!t) he really stepped it up for the male R&B singers-one of the best I've seen yet (maxwell was good too tho) but trey had that sexy sex appeal ALLLLLLL the way down

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On: Mar 10, 2010

if he had it its cool cause its curable and even if he did wear a condom he could have still got it !!! and i do think he man up and was not ashamed to confess to enlighten people that things happen to famous people as well...and if he lost fans over it ....well, then they were not TRUE poof be gone!! I still got luv for ya trey!

On: Mar 10, 2010

I would be the sunshine state or Golden state ....cause my smile is like a ray of would brighten up ya day and as fantasia sings (throw it up and watch it turn into sunshine)

On: Mar 10, 2010

......i would kiss him with these magic lips and work my tongue like never before ....but i wouldnt over power would be soft and sensual...OH BOI lol

On: Mar 10, 2010

LIBRAAAAAAAA.balanced and seeks justice lol(oct 15th right here-BAY YEA AREEEEEAAAAAA)

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On: Mar 10, 2010
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A lover of music & dance(i also songwrite).....single mother raising a strong lil black man 2 grow up & be a gentleman & kind hearted person. In school 4 criminal justice & doing receptionist work as well. My goal is 2 be a criminologist, investigator, & work with young kids. I also was thinking of opening up a center 4 people who were previously incarcerated 2 help them find jobs & improve their skills 2 prepare them 4 the workforce. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr Trey Songz at a recent concert in San Francisco, but folks got 2 acting rowdy afterwards & folks got shot (who does that at an R&B concert tho!?!?) Its getting dangereous out there on the streets and the folks with the guns is taking it 2 the church....something needs 2 be done.....all this black on black violence is so not cool or cute...we need 2 expand our brain power & think about being a team instead of causing our own genocide! (I even wrote a song about it!) But got love 4 TREY-he PUT IT DOWN LIVE!!!

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