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Mac Glamorous


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awww that sux, but i sure will keep u posted! thanks..u on my twitter already?

On: Jan 04, 2013

AMC River East Theater at 8:30. Me and like 4 others already purchased our tix online . I order thru FanDango

On: Jan 02, 2013

I feel ya! Traffic has never been my friend lol

On: Jan 02, 2013

321 E Illinois St. How far r u??

On: Jan 02, 2013

We bought tix to the Friday show at 8:30pm and than out to dinner afterwards

On: Jan 02, 2013
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Mac Glamorous
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Loves Trey Songz Yupp!! Trey All Day Er Day!! :)
United States
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Mac Glamorous
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