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I believe I should win this as firstly I'm the first guy entering and secondly because Iv been listening to your music since 2005. When I heard in the middle I was like this dude has some serious talent! Ever since then I've been a major fan! Trey day is probably one of my all time r&b albums with we should be and last time being classics for me and my girl to vibe to. people didn't give it the credit it deserved! I can relate to a lot of what you sing about which makes your music very significant to my life at times, Iv been to your London concerts, I've bought the albums and I've been promoting your songs for 7 years so it would be an honour to meet the man Behind the music! More than likely a girls going to win this but I thought I would give it a go. As you say "just gotta make it"

On: Aug 03, 2012
Magic83's picture
United Kingdom