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thank you @lesaisl im with you alot of these young females ate really going out of their way to be someone their not and its sad because half of them dont even know who they are yet alone whats their purpose :) im glad someone else sees it how i see it

On: Apr 10, 2010


On: Mar 31, 2010

he said he had a crush on her a crush is a crush if they do all well nothing we can do about it if you really fuck with him you gonna still fuck with him no matter who he fuckin with you feel me more power to him if he do i hope he happy :)

On: Mar 31, 2010

the last statement from zsazsa was ingorant first off fo you kno her personally i hate that ppl hate on her because they mad that she was with him they looked perfect together and seemed perfect together you shouldnt judge you dont know ppl like are considered haters how do you kno she cant cook sweety grow up you have the nerve to call someone else young minded when your behind a computer screen talking shit about the next woman :) its childish so if you want to say trey wouldnt be with someone young minded he def wouldnt get with you

Replied To: What's up with Helen (Forum topic)
On: Mar 31, 2010

this shit is false i dont believe it she might be a jump off but girlfriend nahh lol

On: Mar 30, 2010
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