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Wow... sensual luv the story goin here, lookin forward 2 it !

Replied To: WATCH: "Dive In" Video Teaser (Blog)
On: Aug 21, 2012

Hey Trey:), as a million other fans have told you already i love you & i sincerely doubt i will win but what little i can do to reach out 2 you as a dedicated fan i will do lol. "Since Gotta Make It" i've watched you grow & succeed as an artist, am amazed how humble you're & genuine of a person. You are just not one of those in the industry for the fame, ladies & money u really do invest your time & dedication for ur fans & ur music. Most especially to ur hometown it's really nice to get insight into where u came from & that's why ur so worth listening to cause u put soul into ur lyrics. I'am happy u released a new song here & there (very generous) to give a taste for Chapter V which i can't wait to get my hands on<3 It's also your fashion sense, u always kill it whether in a suit or just casually dressed overall a fine man ;P, ur smile is very charismatic i dk what i'd do if i got the chance to meet u. I dislike how haters will say oh ur songs are just bout sex but they r just jealous & dk how meaningful they are especially when it comes to love , u express wht people feel in life & that's incredible, most importantly that it's respectful to women opposed to pussy this & that. I can tell how talented & versatile ur style is every time i listen or watch ur interviews. Am mesmerized how far you've come & it seems over time u just get better & better, inspiring the amount of talent u embody & thankyou for sharing with the world, am proud of ur accomplishments you make me that more confident to strive toward mine with fearless effort & wish u all the best in ur career ! ;)

On: Aug 21, 2012
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