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7 years ago, I was watching Much Music and as I was about to leave the room, your song “Gotta Go” came on and I had to make a U-turn and sit to see who was singing and where did this person came from. From that very moment, I was hooked; Google and MySpace became my best friend to get information on you. I went out the next week and purchase your debut album “Gotta Make It”. This album became my best friend back and forth on my commute to school for the next 2 years until “Trey Day” was released. From the moment that I saw your first video, I always have to wonder why you were not getting more air plays and why the industry was not giving you the opportunity that you so deserved. I told everyone I knew that they are going to hear of you, it may just take longer because you did not sing and dance and was basically not a sell out. . I believed in you from the beginning, I have never given up on you. I have bought all your albums, downloaded all your mix tapes, watched and listened basically all your interviews, some live and some on YouTube; which has now become my best friend when it comes to finding information on you. I’ve also watched all your U-streams some live, others online, even some repetitively. I joined twitter just because you were on it and yes I was there when you were Songzyuuup before you hit a million followers. Social cam and Instagram are now apps on my phone because of you as well as Google. The first concert that I had attended for you was the OMG tour, then the Anticipation tour and I will never miss another concert. I’m always promoting everything that you do, online and street missions as well as angels with heart missions. I love and support everything that you do even when I don’t agree with some of it.I love you for sticking to R&B, for being authentic, for always remaining true to yourself and your music and for taking criticisms like a real man and just basically always being yourself. I am also a proud Trey's angel. Yuuup!!!

On: Aug 10, 2012

Welcome hun, mine didn't take long either, less than a month, just be patient and keep in mind that they may have a lot of new members now due to the pre order of Chapter V

On: Jul 27, 2012

I think all angels should be treated equally. I'm just curious to know why Trey Songz does not do CD signings, exclusive parties or even after parties in Canada as much as he does in the US. I shouldn't have to cross the border to get the same treatment as the US angels. Fair is fair. Even UK gets more love than us. We love and support him as much as they do.

On: Jun 28, 2012

OMG. I love it. This is absolutely amazing. @treysongz has done it again, he is the greatest. #Repeat

On: May 04, 2012

Can't wait

On: Apr 25, 2012
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Live. Love. Laugh. Huge Trey Songz fan. Been there from the beginning and will be there forever because there is no end to his career. "Top of The World" Yuup!!! Love you Trey.
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