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Got my tickets for the concert! Since I will be going home for the Holidays I thought this would be great for me and my best friend to go to!

Replied To: Chapter V Houston ()
On: Nov 02, 2012

I just found this picture on the radio website...YAY they got a picture of me hugging Trey!!!!

On: Mar 10, 2012

This was from yesterday guys it was GREAT!!!! Love him even more!

That was my question he answered at 4:44 I was so excited but tried not to show it! When they called my name this girl tried to claim my question I was bout to go off lol but she sat back down and he answered my question and I fell in love! lol

On: Mar 09, 2012

Thanks! No I was calling in for 2 weeks straight and never got through but today was the last day to win it by going to a MetroPCS store out here & they did a drawing to see who would get the last 5 pairs & I got the 4th pair so I was excited!

On: Mar 08, 2012

I'm so excited! The radio station out here was giving away a chance to have lunch with him so it will be other people there that one also but I'm still excited! Plus I'm going to see him at the concert that night too!

On: Mar 07, 2012
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