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lol. no. we get to buy our tickets earlier than everyone else

On: Oct 11, 2012

Phoenix never gets ANY love we drive out to see him, or go to other states

On: Oct 11, 2012
On: Dec 01, 2011

LmmfaoOo. i agree! lol. i think i belong to like 3 of those categories, but i'm not hard body in any one group.

Replied To: Different Types of Angels on Twitter... (Forum topic)
On: Sep 18, 2011

Free and AJ =] the old 106 was fiyya! Their chemistry together is fun and good natured and Trey is the same way. I think it would be explosive!

Replied To: NEED TREY'S ANGELS FEED BACK QOTD #2 (Forum topic)
On: Jul 28, 2011
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AngelJoycelyn's my name 21 years young :) the biggest Trey Songz mixtape fan ever! #lemmeholdatbeat i'm proud of my 3.8 gpa i'm going to medical school. I'm interested in matters of the heart and mind Goals: Cardiology and Psychology They'll never understand the relationship me and Trey have. It's simple and yet complex. He is to me like music is to an ear. His melodies dance in my head and i dance to his melodies.
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