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Megg Ra'Chelle


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i dnt think he should do one .
i personally dnt feel like gettin a reality show would hurt his career ; i jus dnt see tha point in exposin every part of his life to tha world . if reality was somethin he wnted to do ; then thats where he should have started . but thats my opinion .

On: Jan 03, 2010

Love Lost is my numero uno at tha moment

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On: Jan 03, 2010

not quite .

Replied To: ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH TREY? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 03, 2010

it would be yu :) because its like ...hes sayin nothin else in tha world matters to him but yu & it would make me feel like hes speakin directly to me :)

On: Jan 03, 2010

aries bby ;=D !

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On: Jan 03, 2010
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Megg Ra'Chelle
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Hola :) My name is Megg Ra'Chelle . 6teen years young ; a jnr in high school . music = lovee . i recently discovered i have a HUGE obsesseion wit Tremaine Aldon Neverson aka Trey Songz . Hes like tha whole package ! Tha voice ; body ; personality ; EVERYTHNG ! My goal for 20ten is to meet Trey & become one f his greastest fans :) Until then ; i'll be home listenin to tha wonderful hits of a great man . My Favoritess :) oO1. Love Lost oO2. Yesterday - Toni Braxton's Track oO3. Yo Side of tha Bed oO4. Neighbors Kno My Name oO5. It Would Be Yu ..any many moree :)